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We develop, produce and globally distribute mobile X-ray imaging systems for intraoperative usage.

Founded in 1972, Ziehm Imaging looks back on an eventful history which has enabled the company to grow successfully to this day. We have been developing, producing and globally distributing mobile X-ray imaging systems for operative usage for more than 50 years now. Today Ziehm Imaging has ca. 700 employees worldwide and is a renowned leading innovator for mobile C-Arms and a market leader in Germany and several other European countries. The Nuremberg-based company has received many awards for its new developed products and services.

Your Contact Person(s)

Martin Ringholz

Lina-Ammon-Straße 10
90471 Nürnberg

Phone: +49(0)911/66067200
E-Mail: Martin.Ringholz@Ziehm.com

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