FitTech Club Learning Journey to HLTH 2023

    • Wed 30. Aug 2023

      • 17:00

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Date(s) - Wed 30. Aug 2023

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If you are interested in HealthTech and want to benefit from educational programs and activities then you should take part at the public info event: FitTech Club Learning Journey to HLTH 2023.

What to expect:

  1. Insights into HLTH 2023: Discover what the HealthTech premier event has in stall – first hand from the HLTH and FitTech team.
  2. FitTech Club at HLTH 2023: Learn how you can benefit from the FItTech Club x HLTH partnership. Including:
    1. Networking: Connect with relevant contacts to tap into the US-based healthcare ecosystem, fostering valuable connections and potential partnerships.
    2. Educational Program & Off-Site Activities: Well-curated educational program at HLTH 2023 and the exclusive hands-on off-site activities that await you, promising an enriching and transformative experience

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